Conference Topics in 2020

Who’s ready for conferences to be back full steam ahead? This has certainly been a challenging time for all of us and while we shouldn’t rush into events the way they were, it would be nice to be back to normal. While exploring the latest trends to look out for in the event world, we came across some of the most popular topics for conferences happening in today’s world. The top 5 were so on point with everything happening from COVID to the mental stress we are all dealing with to the ever-changing world we are living in today. There were many more on the list but the top 5 stood out to us the most.

#1: Embracing Change and Transformation
#2: Wellness and Health
#3: Character, Ethics, and Integrity
#4: Resilience and Reinvention
#5: Customer Experience

We all know that content is key for conferences and finding the best keynote speakers to make your conference more attractive to your targeted audience. Beyond content, attendees are waiting to be entertained so having engaging speakers is what will keep them coming back year after year. We are excited to get back to conferences and see these topics in action!

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